CORSAIR is the most unique fencing school and club you will ever find. We are a competitive sport fencing club and school, but we prefer to be called a school of arms, because we do not restrict our activities to modern sport fencing alone. Instead we explore many forms of European as well as Asian martial arts. Unlike most other fencing schools and clubs we believe that our fencing techniques can be improved by keeping an open mind, and incorporating concepts from other martial arts, as well as original ideas with the more mainstream fencing philosophies. Our approach is born out in our impressive tournament results on the local, regional and national levels. If you are interested in sport fencing, CORSAIR can provide everything you need to take your game to the next level. If you want to explore the roots of sport fencing, and see what real combat fencing was like in the good old days, CORSAIR is THE place for you.

While we keep a pretty informal atmosphere in our school of arms, you'll find a general breakdown of what we offer below.

Sport Fencing:
We provide our fencers with everything they need to get started or take their game to the top.

Historical Fencing (Duelling):
We are the only school/club in the area that can give you a taste of real duelling. Whether you've ever fenced or not, chances are you've fantasized about being Zorro or one the 3 Musketeers at some point. CORSAIR can let you let you live the dream. Our in-house swordmasters can teach you the ins and outs of REAL combat fencing with period weapons like rapiers, daggers, bucklers, etc.. You won't find this at any other fencing joint around.

CORSAIR trains actors in combat, and choreographs fights for stage and film. Most recently, we are proud to have choreographed and preformed fights for the forthcoming feature film Greek Goddess, filmed on location in Pittsburgh, and premiering soon. Also, our own Bogdan Haiko is currently performing in the Jesters' Guild's recent production of Ken Ludwig's The Three Musketeers, at the New Hazlett Theater.

Other Martial Arts:

Formal instruction is not offered in other martial arts, but many of our instructors and members have substantial experience in these areas, and share their knowledge freely. On any given day you may walk in to find people doing some kickboxing, judo, knife fighting, or... who knows!

Intellectual Enrichment:
While fencing and martial arts are the main focus here at CORSAIR, our informal attitude encourages a feeling of community, and encourages self-expression, and the sharing of knowledge, talents and ideas. Many of our instructors and members are artists of one kind or another. In addition to the martial arts, you are likely to find other arts here as well. Painting, sculpture, music, you name it. CORSAIR is what you make of it, so you'll find what you're looking for if you want to.